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The lost gift is a fantasy steampunk 3rd person puzzle-platformer game about exploring the ancient civilization of the Fabulari. The game plays with the player’s curiosity revealing the lore of the ancient world bit by bit.


WASD to walk
Space to jump
Mouse to look around

E to interact
F to get to the next dialogue box


Documentatie_team22.pdf 2 MB
TheLostGiftBuild1.1.zip 334 MB


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It is a good concept, but it could use some more level design, the environment on itself is not bad, but I don't know where I am supposed to go. At some points I am spawned in another area. This could go smoother in a next iteration! and the pipepuzzles seem a bit out of place in the story about an old civilization.

The environment itself was really cool though and the puzzles on it's own felt like a nice challenge, The crystal shaders and the mine lights were really magical too!